Erik K Kastman

Research Specialist

Mezzanine / UW Hospital
600 Highland Ave
Madison, WI, 53705

Office: (608)262-5113 x
Fax: (608)280-7165


Erik is the lab generalist, ensuring that people have the resources they need to answer the questions they ask. This includes management and quality control of our PET and MRI images, evaluations of memory and cognitive function, and select genetic and lab tests.

With the rest of the imaging core, he develops tools in SQL, ruby and python to make access to the data easier and more elegant, and provides computer support for processing workstations and terrabytes of data. Between data requests and developing processing pipelines, he is currently working on a RUBY NIFTI, a gem to encapsulate the NIfTI neuroimaging format.

He is interested in characterizing aging and aging-related changes in cognition and brain structure that occur, as well as spatial, number and language systems as they’re instantiated in the brain.

When not at work, he is also a gardener (during the growing season) and amateur homebrewer (all the year round).