Brad T Christian

Associate Professor


My research involves the development and application of PET methodologies to investigate neurochemical changes in the brain, including studying novel radioligands to characterize neurotransmitter-protein interactions and how they are influenced by the effects of neuropsychiatric disease and psychotropic drugs. With strong interdisciplinary collaborations, the group is presently involved in studies on:

  • Fetal alcohol exposure – characterizing PET biomarkers that aid in understanding the relationships between fetal alcohol exposure and impairments in the development of the serotonin system.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease – investigate changes in the neurochemical systems as they relate to amyloid plaque burden and cognitive decline.
  • Use of PET imaging to study how environmental experiences interact with genetic variations and alterations in neurochemical function in the development of anxiety-related illnesses.
  • Studying novel PET radioligands as biomarkers for understanding the dopamine circuitry underlying the pathophysiology in brain disorders.