Megan Zuelsdorff

Principal Investigator; Assistant Scientist



I am an Assistant Scientist on the African Americans Fighting Alzheimer’s in Midlife (AA-FAiM) project, and the Principal Investigator for the Stress and Resilience in Dementia (STRIDE) study. STRIDE explores social-biological mechanisms in cognitive and brain aging, and the role for these mechanisms in racial, socioeconomic, and geographic disparities in cognitive health and dementia risk.

My training in social epidemiology and public health inform my broad research interests in (1) life course socioenvironmental determinants of risk and resilience, particularly among members of historically disadvantaged communities and (2) assessment of cognition and dementia across diverse populations.

The long-term goals embedded in my research program include characterizing socially-patterned exposures, from childhood adversity to later life healthcare experiences, that influence cognitive aging trajectories in underserved populations, and identifying community-specific resources and interventions that can improve those trajectories and mitigate disparity.

You can hear more about one of my studies on the Wisconsin ADRC “Dementia Matters” podcast.