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Kris in the Waisman Center Pet Scanner



Weak classifier output for distinguishing diseased from healthy brains in AD. Image from Hinrichs et al.


Arterial spin labeled (ASL) perfusion map of cerebral blood flow (CBF). The figure, which appeared on the May 2009 front cover of Alzheimer’s & Dementia, the Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association, is of two 65 year old subjects who are participating in the Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimers’s Prevention (WRAP). Both have a parent with Alzheimer’s Disease and both had neuropsychological testing at the time of the scan and baseline testing four years prior. Baseline testing was normal for both. The subject on top has remained stable over the prior four years and has normal CBF. The subject on bottom has declined cognitively and now meets criteria for MCI. CBF in the medial parietal lobe and posterior cingulate is lower than normal.